Drone Management System
Foycom DMS- One product to replace discrete tools


Efficiently handle manufacturing with a streamlined operation to cancel out the errors in assembly


Fleet management with tracking information. Manage Operators/Technician, Schedule Flights, and Customer Portal for placing Delivery Request


Now it is easy to Manage and Track a single product. Multi-Level BOM management for complex products.


Generate timely maintenance for products. Generate Corrective/Preventive maintenance.
A reporting Dashboard to track results.

Additional Features

Wide Industry Support

One-stop solution to fulfill every demand of Aviation requirements from such as Manufacturing, Fleet management, Inventory, Maintenance, planning, and configurations.

Advanced Production Planning

Plan the production based upon the affecting factors like inventory status, staff, demand, etc.

Maintenance Scheduling

Scheduling maintenance reminders to maintain the product health and hence reduce the overall cost.

End-to-End Manufacturing

Manage all manufacturing operations from ordering parts, assigning SN, Inventory management, assembling, Quality Control status, maintenance, reporting, and documentation.


Increase revenue and turnaround time with applied automation within the production and maintenance based upon available resources, deadlines, priority, etc

Flight Records

Keep track of every Flight record with details along with the current status and delivery request information

Drone Management System- (DMS)

Delivering efficient results & reliability with high quality and traceability of each consumable product