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Powerful Purchase Management Software that helps you gain control over Business Challenges

If you Are facing any of below problems, then FOYCOM is for you!

 Inefficient Procurement Processes

 Budget Overruns

 Lack of Visibility

 Vendor Management Issues

 Approval Bottlenecks

 Inaccurate Inventory Management

 Integration Issues 

 Mobile Accessibility Issues

Advanced Features Of Purchase Management System             

Import PO With CSV / Excel

Vendors can confirm & manage large wholesale PO efficiently by importing them in CSV or Excel format. This feature is useful for orders containing multiple lines of various products, allowing for easy and organized data handling.

Purchase Order Configuration

Easily set up & configure purchase orders with flexible options. Customize order parameters, manage vendor information, and define product details to ensure accurate and efficient order processing. This feature simplifies the setup process, making it straightforward to handle various types of purchase orders.

Distribute Shipping Cost

Upon confirmation of a purchase order and receipt of goods at the warehouse, easily distribute additional shipping costs. This feature accounts for extra charges from logistics companies, ensuring accurate cost allocation for wholesale purchases beyond the supplier payment.

Manage Product Commission

Navigate to the settings, access the purchase section, and select the commission product. This feature allows you to efficiently manage and assign commissions to specific products, ensuring accurate tracking and calculation of commissions within the purchase process.

Add Product Feature

This feature allows users to create quotations and mark products as commissionable. This ensures accurate commission tracking and efficient product addition to quotations.

Purchase Agent Confirmation

Users can confirm orders by navigating to the "Other Information" tab and clicking the internal link button next to the purchase agent's name. This ensures all relevant details are verified and properly linked within the system.

Vendor Purchase Report

The Vendor Purchase Report provides a detailed overview of all vendor purchases within a specified timeframe. This helps users track spending, manage vendor relationships, and analyze purchasing trends for better decision-making.

Pay Commission

The "Pay Commission" feature allows users to generate a purchase commission draft, which can then be confirmed and processed for payment. This ensures timely and accurate commission payments to relevant parties.

Benefits Of Our Purchase Management Solutions

Streamlined Procurement

Simplifies the entire purchasing process, making it quicker and easier to create and manage purchase orders.

Accurate Commission Tracking

Ensures precise tracking and timely payment of commissions through automated commission generation and confirmation.

Improved Decision-Making

Offers detailed insights and analytics, enabling you to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

Enhanced Vendor Management

Provides comprehensive vendor purchase reports, helping you track and manage vendor relationships effectively.

Increased Operational Efficiency

 Reduces manual tasks and minimizes errors, leading to smoother and more efficient purchase management processes.

Security & Compliance

Ensures that all purchasing activities adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements, safeguarding your business.

Purchase Order Tracking

Allows you to monitor the status of purchase orders in real-time, ensuring timely delivery and fulfillment.

Centralized Supplier Management

Consolidates supplier information in one place, making it easy to manage and communicate with all your suppliers.

Automated Workflow

Streamlines approval processes and reduces bottlenecks with automated workflows for purchase orders and commissions.

Solution For Your Wholesale Business With Purchase Management Software

All Your Suppliers, Managed In One Place

Create & Track Purchase Orders Efficiently

Unlock 360° Spend Visibility in Dashboard

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How FOYCOM Purchase Management System Works?

Add Supplier & Create Purchase Order

Track Order Status

Supplier Fulfillment  

Invoice Matching

Payment Processing

Analyze Purchase Data

Why Choose FOYCOM For Purchase Management System?

Better Visibility

Gain clear insights into your purchasing processes and vendor performance, enabling informed decision-making.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive design ensures that all users can easily navigate the system, enhancing productivity and reducing training time.

Cost Savings

Optimize purchasing processes and reduce errors, leading to significant cost savings and improved profit margins.

Customer Support

Enjoy dedicated and responsive customer support to assist you with any questions or challenges you may encounter.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrate with your existing systems and software, ensuring a smooth workflow and cohesive operations.


FOYCOM’s solutions are designed to grow with your business, allowing you to scale your purchase management capabilities as needed.

Common FAQs For Purchase Management System

Definition of Purchase Management System (PMS) - A software application that automates, and streamlines the entire process from requisitioning to payment. This allows to your purchases at one point in promptness, gives more transparency and control over this part of the budget.

Ensure the PMS offers robust security features to safeguard sensitive financial data and complies with relevant industry regulations.

Yes, advanced PMS solutions can handle different purchasing scenarios.

Yes, several PMS solutions offer mobile apps that allow users to