The genuine client-driven CRM

Manage Leads, automate activities, and close the opportunity faster.

Foycom CRM

A powerful and fully integrated CRM solution that's easy to use, quick to deploy, and cost-effective. With CRM your company can enhance its performance and increase revenue by communicating better with your customers, delivering a more consistent brand experience, reducing costs, and speeding up growth.

Start with the customer - Find out what they want and give it to them.

  • Attract, engage and delight the customer by automating repetitive tasks.

  • Manage customer and improve customer relations

  • Track leads, activities, calls & emails.

  • Manage multi-currency graphs and reports

  • Work in a collaborative environment with your team

Manage customer like never before

  • Get to know each customer with detailed contact profiles that store every activity, and a note about each customer so your team doesn’t miss anything important.

  • Design dashboards that show what's most important to your team, in the format that works for you.

  • Set Priority for the opportunities that are promising, so the team can focus more on that.

Remain associated with your clients

Get a speedy outline of what's moving in your group. Track when a Team member logs a call or sends a quotation. Share thoughts and records continuously and get up to speed with things you missed when you were away.

Improve your customer interaction and nurture leads.

Join us and make your company a better place with better conversion rates.