Order Management in  Wholesale(B2B) Business

Fulfill orders faster and reduce errors with our effortless order management system. Designed to streamline your entire order processing workflow, our system ensures accuracy and efficiency at every step. Say goodbye to manual errors and delays as you automate tasks, track orders in real-time, and manage inventory seamlessly. Enhance customer satisfaction with prompt deliveries and reliable service, all while optimizing your operational performance. With our user-friendly interface and robust features, handling orders has never been easier.

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Order Management Challenges

Limited Customizability

While our order management system (OMS) offers a pre-defined set of functionalities, it still delivers significant benefits for streamlining your wholesale operations.

Poor Service and Support

Waiting days or even weeks for a resolution to an order processing issue can cripple your operations and frustrate your customers.

Managing Multiple Sales
From a sales perspective, managing multiple challenges can be a constant struggle. An order management system (OMS) can be a powerful tool to address these challenges and streamline the sales process.

Inventory Shortages

Inventory shortages are a major challenge for sales teams. They can lead to lost sales, frustrated customers, and a scramble to fulfill orders. But an OMS can be a game-changer, providing inner content solutions to help you navigate these situations.

Key Features Of FOYCOM Order Processing System

Customized Order Routine

Automated Order Routing Through Most-Effective channels

With FOYCOM’s advanced ERP software, businesses like B2C and B2B can streamline their order-routing strategies and make the best of every channel involved. The module allows professionals to build custom workflows for channel routing, merging and splitting different orders based on specific variables, and identifying the best channel for the cheapest order shipping. Furthermore, it will also streamline the steps involved in routing the entire order along the supply chain, thereby enhancing efficiency and boosting business productivity. 


Manual Order Entry  

Advanced Order Management with Flexible Detailing

Managing the customer orders will now become more streamlined with higher efficacy, thanks to order processing portal of our ERP software. Whether it’s curating a variable pricing model to remain at par with the market rates or filling in the order details to align the same with your current inventory levels, the workflows are now more flexible and scalable. It also allows professionals to manage different discount and promotion offers for every customer order, accept the back and re orders, and also import the entire order detail in CSV file format. Manage the orders efficiently by leveraging real-time view of your inventory and prevent unnecessary order cancellation or fulfilment delays. 


Centralized Order Capture   

Scale at Ease for Order Management and Processing

It’s time to shift from the conventional methods of handling different orders with our modern-day ERP module. Whether you want to dropship certain customer orders or create flash sales on different product categories, this module will make the work hassle-free and easier for you. With enhanced scalability, you can customize the order management workflows to suffice the current business needs and adhere to the market trends for better customer satisfaction. 


Different Platform Integration 

Seamlessly Integrate Multiple Sales Channels Through APIs.

Increase your market penetration and gain access to a versatile customer base by integrating multiple sales channels with FOYCOM's wholesale ERP system. Easily integrate different sales channels and process orders from a centralized platform. Furthermore, you can also import personalized order details or scale the metadata for better order management and processing. 


Customer Service Actions 

Improve Customer Experience with Faster and Efficient Order Capture and Processing

Capture all the necessary information about every customer order and upload the same automatically on the ERP platform for real-time access and optimal transparency. Use the captured details to manage the inventory, establish optimal order route channels, and plan the best shipping strategy with multiple carriers. The result of leveraging this advanced portal will be enhanced customer experience and improved brand value in the market. 


EDI Channel  

Automated Order Processing and Management on EDI

Leverage the Electronic Data Interchange on FOYCOM’s ERP platform to process and manage order-related documents, including of invoices and billing, shipping status, logistic information, customer details, and many more. You no longer have to depend on curating emails to send out the documents or manually update the details on the portal for the suppliers or vendors to view the same.


Integrating Accounting  

Real-Time Viewing of Transactions and Revenues

From managing monetary transactions involving different currencies to adhering to the GAAP standards and tracking the deferred business cash inflows, the integrated accounting system will help you manage your revenues better and more efficiently. 


Reporting & Dashboards       

Data-Backed Decision-Making with Valuable Insights

Leverage the advanced reporting and analytics portal of FOYCOM’s ERP to gain valuable insights about your business’s current performance, revenue, customers, and other verticals. Use accurate analytical reports to forecast market trends, acquire better control over decision-making, and bring all the stakeholders to the same platform.


  Order Fulfillment     Strategies

Access Newer & Better Strategies for Order Fulfilment

Ship From Stock

Mark the retail stores as the order fulfillment locations & ship the products directly from their warehouses.

Drop Shipping 

Leverage the drop shipping portal to ship orders directly from the manufacturer or supplier. 

Make Custom Order
Create custom or personalized products based on specific customer requirements.

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Why Choose FOYCOM For Order Management System

We understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient ecommerce solution. That's why we design a Order Management System for your wholesale business. and providing customer services like:

Manage Your Order Activity

Keep track of all your orders effortlessly with our comprehensive order management tools, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Enhance The Customer Experience

Elevate your customer satisfaction with personalized experiences and faster response times, keeping your clients happy and loyal.

Maximize Inventory Productivity

Optimize your inventory levels to reduce waste and increase efficiency, ensuring you always have the right products available at the right time.

Streamline Fulfillment Process

Simplify your fulfillment process with automated workflows and real-time tracking, speeding up delivery times and reducing manual errors.

Single View For Multiple Channels

Gain a unified view of your business operations across all sales channels, providing you with the insights needed to make informed decisions quickly.

Faster Order Processing

Accelerate your order processing times with advanced automation, enabling you to handle more orders with less effort and greater accuracy.

Reduces Errors

Minimize mistakes and inaccuracies with robust error-checking mechanisms, ensuring smooth and reliable business operations.

Integrated ERP System

Leverage a fully integrated ERP system to synchronize all aspects of your business, from finance to supply chain, for a more cohesive and efficient operation.

FAQs Related To Order Management System

Order management for wholesale businesses refers to the process of efficiently handling and fulfilling orders from wholesale customers. This includes receiving orders, verifying inventory availability, processing payments, picking and packing items, and shipping orders to customers in a timely manner.

Specialized order management software designed for wholesale companies can help address many of these challenges by providing features

Yes, Order management is a critical part of logistics, as it ensures that customer orders are fulfilled correctly and in a timely manner.

The order cycle time is the total amount of time taken to process or complete all orders. 

The Perfect Order Rate KPI tracks how many orders you complete and ship without any problems, such as broken goods, incorrect orders, or delayed shipping. 

Can I integrate my order management system with my existing accounting software (ERP, CRM)?

Yes, many order management systems offer integration capabilities with popular accounting software.

Yes, order management systems often offer features for warehouse automation.