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Foycom Accounting

Comprehensive. Intuitive. Affordable

Foycom ERP is a powerful, interactive, cloud-based software that provides easy-to-use accounting for your organization. Foycom can support from small businesses to large companies with any number of locations. With Foycom Accounting, you'll reduce costs and simplify operations with comprehensive, intuitive applications for Finance, Procurement, Payables/Receivables, Inventory/Asset valuation, and other innumerable operations.

Accounting & Finance

  • Fast and simple Money management software made to do one thing, and do it well i.e. ease your accounting needs. 

  • Incredibly easy-to-use and takes no accounting knowledge. 

  • Manage your invoices and payments

  • Streamline all your money management activities on one platform.

  • Get a unique perspective of how your expense correlates with the quantity of merchandise you sell.

  • All of this by utilizing an incredibly straightforward interface.

Advanced Expense and Invoicing

  • Foycom Accounting provides affordable, flexible, and user-friendly finance management that will help your business grow.

  • It features a modern dashboard for managing resources, vendor bills, purchase orders, inventory, and much more.

  • The module will simplify the billing process by allowing you to

    • Upload your paper bills using text recognition

    • Control your vendor bill workflow from purchase requests to payables

    • Safeguard against errors in your purchase process with a three-way matching

    • Keep track of cash flow with an easy-to-read dashboard.

Fast Payment Process

Foycom is an easy, fast, and flexible online solution for your invoicing needs.

Send professional invoices, accept credit card payments online, track outstanding debts, and get paid sooner.

Easy Reporting

Offering you the possibility to create your own reports using business intelligence.

Quickly filter, zoom, expand or compare any data. Use pre-generated reports to look at sales reports, balance sheets, cash flow statements...

Easy to install and instinctive to utilize.

Tax Planning

A simple and user-friendly module, which allows you to keep an eye on your financial performance in real-time.

It is a comprehensive solution for small business accounting, which offers a variety of different VAT computations and tax management features.

Accounting process for Enterprise operations

  • Create sub-companies to consolidate sub-divisions, automate accounting of contacts, and handle multi-warehouse accounting features regardless of the geometric location.

  • Multiple companies under a single platform and benefit from cross-company management and ease of sharing.

  • Manage multiple payees and payors for each project and optimize your cash flow by tracking and posting recurring payments in defined intervals.

No need to integrate Accounting platform with your ERP. Foycom Accounting does it for you.

Join us and make your company a better place.