Difference Between SAP Business One and Foycom for Drone Management System
A detailed comparison between Foycom and SAP business one

Whether you are outgrowing an entry-level software program or changing a legacy system, selecting an ERP that is appropriate in shape for your organization can have a robust effect on your future boom and seasoned ability. 

Because the value of imposing an ERP is so high, worrying a super deal of time and enter from personnel throughout your employer as nicely as probably giant software program licensing and consulting fees, there is a remarkable strain to get it proper the first time.

In current years there has been a trend in enterprise software programs toward the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This can make a higher preference for small and medium-sized companies with much less capital.

Foycom V/s SAP Business One


Foycom ERP is designed to cover specific industries/categories suitable to small, midsized, or large companies from many modules and can deploy in cloud or on-premises.

SAP Business One

Business One is designed to cover every business software applicable to small, midsized & enterprise businesses, from CRM to Manufacturing deployed either in the cloud or on-premises.

Functions & Features Comparison

Inventory Management General


SAP Business One


Mobile Device Support

Package Management

Freight Carrier Integration

Products Management

Multiple Units of Measure

Multiple Variants

Non-Stocked Product Inventory


Auto Lots / Serials

Up / Down Traceability

360° Traceability

Expiry Dates

Barcode Support & more

QR Code Support

RFID Support

Internal Moves

Delivery Orders



Customizable Routes

Putaway Strategies

Batch Picking

Zone Picking

Supply Chain Management

Vendor Management

Vendor Pricelist Management

Inbound Quality Control


Purchase Requests & Order Confirm 

Minimum Stock Rules

Manufacturing Management 

Multi-Level BoM

Byproducts / Coproducts

One BoM for Multiple Product Variants

Multiple BoM / Routing


Demand Forecasting

Kanban Planning

Production Calendar

Available to Promise

Backward Scheduling

Multiple Scheduling Plans


Job Tracking

Work Orders

Automated Time Tracking

Subcontract Manufacturing

Rework / Repair


Edit Individual Production BoMs

Human Resources

Timesheets & Attendance

Breaks & Overtime

Vacation / Injury

Reporting and Forecasting

Work Time

Demand Forecast

Maintenance KPIs

Production Costs Analysis

CSV Export

Analytic Accounting

Dynamic Pivot Tables

Dashboard and
custom report

Scheduling and Request Handling

Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Multiple Teams / Sites

Asset Management

Subcontract Repair

Job Tracking

Parts Management

Inventory Management

Purchasing Integration

Equipment Serial Numbers

Equipment Maintenance History

Dealer Portal

Quality Management System (QMS)

               Quality Control

At Reception QC 

In-Process QC

Before Delivery

Inventory Quarantine

Quality Checks

Quality Control Plan

Pass / Fail Checks

Quality Alerts

Corrective Actions

ISO9001 Tools

Documentation Management

Customer Surveys

Complaints Management

Resources Management

Product Lifecycle Management

BoM Version Management

Engineering Change Orders (ECOs)

Version Management

Centralized BoM Management

Approval Workflows

Bulk BoM Updates

Notification Mechanism

Project eMail Gateway

Usability & Productivity

Full Web Interface

Responsive Mobile UI

Android & iOS App

Pricing & Costing


$20 / user/month

$2,975 / user per year


Monthly / Annual


Five Year Cost, 50 Users



Cloud  & Self hosting Offer Available


When selecting ERP for ecommerce software, many things must be taken care. The complexity of the manufacturing process, the degree to which demand fluctuates, production and procurement lead times, the size of the organization, the business's growth rate, stock-keeping requirements, and the complexity of the plant's support activities.

As they say, the list goes on and on. You must make your decision based on your superior understanding of the industry and tight collaboration with whichever provider you select.

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Foycom as Drone Manufacturing ERP System
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