Enterprise eCommerce Solution

It is not any regular eCommerce platform but an eCommerce platform along with the ERP solutions. Not only does it manage your online store, but efficiently handles operations for Orders, Inventory, Delivery, CRM, Invoicing, Finance, Manufacturing, Reporting, and whatnot.

Efficiently operate your Online Store and manage back-office operations as well.


Enterprise Features


A powerful and fully integrated CRM solution that's easy to use, quick to deploy, and cost-effective. With CRM your company can enhance its performance and increase revenue by communicating better with your customers, delivering a more consistent brand experience, reducing costs, and speeding up growth.

Start with the customer - Find out what they want and give it to them.

  • Attract, engage and delight the customer by automating repetitive tasks

  • Manage customer and improve customer relations

  • Track leads, activities, calls & emails.

  • Manage multi-currency graphs and reports

  • Work in a collaborative environment with your team

Warehouse Management

Capable of tracking products that are sold, returned, in-stock or out-of-stock. Manage your inventory efficiently with a few clicks and implement automation for faster operations and lower response time from order to delivery. It is an easy-to-use app that can help you manage all aspects of your inventory.

  • No matter how large and complex your warehouse operations are!

  • Get it streamlined with the proven and flexible double-entry stock management. Inherit faster and errorless operations with IoT integration.

  • It supports Multi-Warehouse & Multi-location handling as well.

Sales & Distribution

  • Order management

  • Automation in Order processing for better response time

  • Default sales workflow that supports sales process for leads

  • Distribution operations with complete tracking for in-house logistics or 3PL providers.

Accounting & Finance

  • Fast and simple money management software made to do one thing, and do it well i.e. ease your accounting needs. 

  • Incredibly easy to use and takes no accounting knowledge. 

  • Manage your invoices and payments

  • Create an automated budget in a few clicks

  • Streamline all your money  management activities on one platform

  • Get a unique perspective of how your expense correlates with the quantity of merchandise you sell

  • All of this by utilizing an incredibly straightforward interface.


  • Create custom manufacturing flows on the basis of the preferred order timing and product quantity with specific interval controls in a single flow. 

  • Setup eCommerce stores to create make-to-order goods that can be easily manufactured and managed according to customers' preferences. 

  • Benefits include cost reduction by maintaining the right inventory level, speed decrease in production order cycle, and auto-order processing

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