Foycom as Drone Manufacturing ERP System
Delivering efficient results, reliability, and customized operational work-flows

Foycom drone manufacturing ERP comes with customizable checklists for easy-to-follow prompts at every required phase of the manufacturing business operations like purchase receiving, move it to the warehouse, quality control, and assurance during manufacturing & modification, Multi-Level BoM (Bill of Materials) Manufacturing, and many more, ensuring the correct assets and equipment are used and that pre & post drone flight quality check before the final product completed and/or delivered

What Foycom drone manufacturing ERP system include?

Here list-out unique points that make Foycom drone manufacturing ERP the best choice

  • Complete Product Management including Raw Material, Finished Product, Semi-finished Subassembly

  • Multi-level BoM management

  • Quality control/assurance during manufacturing, modification, and subassembly

  • Product Receipt to Warehouse with QR/barcode

  • Inter/Intra Warehouse Product movements & tracking

  • Quality Check with one tine configure the checking points and apply it as the process on particular Stock movement or Manufacturing

  • Finished Product Delivery to Customer and many more

Why choose Foycom drone manufacturing ERP?

Foycom's expert team is made up of highly knowledgeable and experienced UAS/UAV, drone manufacturing process evaluation, and can provide you with detailed guidance on your generic and customized drone manufacturing ERP.

Here given a basic overview of the Foycom Drone management manufacturing process: 

  • You can create BoM for the product/variant you want to manufacture.

    • Select Product/Variant & Routing from as defined 

    • Add Components to be consumed in manufacturing that product along with Quantity needed and operation where it will be consumed

  • Create Manufacturing Order for a product you want to manufacture, the system will auto fetch BoM and Routing if already defined for the selected product.

    • The system will auto fetch components and its quantity to be consumed in the manufacturing of selected products as per BoM defined

  • Multiple work centers support this system 

    • Create works orders and scan QR code for components to be consumed in that work order if that component is being tracked by a unique serial number.

  • Once all work orders are completed, Manufacturing Order will be ready to close but if you have defined a Quality Check for the Finished product, then it will ask you to perform a Quality Check.

  • After completion of MO, the manufactured product will be moved to stock and will be available to use for internal operations or for consumption.

Key Benefits

  • More cost-effective than traditional ERP software

  • Rapid technology and deployment

  • Manage & Get required data with mobility

  • In one click complete product traceability 

  • Manage details of drone operator and pilot

  • Reduce manual work and many more.

Foycom expert is ready to demonstrate drone EPR manufacturing ERP, even as per your requirements even we can provide free tail also. For more information and schedule, a demo you can reach by contact us or mail us.

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