How Drone Management Quality Check Works in Foycom
Quality Control and Assurance in check for Drones (UAV/UAS) in Foycom

Product inspection & testing are common practices for manufacturers, importers, traders' before consumer products launch to the market. But QC/QA is very important for drones because checks points are needed to verify their sophisticated hardware and ability to perform autonomous functions. Drones, UAS/UAVs are intelligent machines made of many internal components & parts.

Key Points of QC Check For Drones in Foycom

There are several processes included in a typical product inspection of drones, UAS/UAV including:

  • Inspection & custom checkpoints of drone components & raw materials

  • QA before the purchase stock moving to a warehouse

  • Testing for electrical components with supporting documents as a guideline

  • Custom QA/QC checkpoints with every stage of DMS, even can add instructions and supporting documents

  • Performance testing pre and post-flight scheduling

  • Checking and keeping a record of endurance and durability by measuring battery life, charge/discharge, and more

  • Drone’s (UAV/UAS) packaging inspection & testing by verifying requirements for packaging markings, labeling, weight, dimensions, and more

Benefits of Foycom DMS Quality Checks

When you implement the Foycom drone management system quality check process in your business it will improve the reliability, quality, and safety of drones at the manufacturing stage, receiving materials quality control, pre-sale testing & QA, and more.

The beauty of this ERP is that you can implement custom QA checks in every required stage of your business.

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