Drone-Based Delivery Management With Foycom DMS
Drone delivery management solution allows to enjoy an out-of-the-box high-quality aerial delivery service.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly known as Drones. In today's logistical operations, drones are becoming increasingly prevalent. Medicines, gifts, groceries, meals, and other homecare supplies are delivered by delivery drones. Given their accuracy, environmentally friendly operations, faster delivery times, and cheaper operational costs than traditional delivery routes, drone delivery operations are gaining traction in last-mile delivery. 

So, for almost every drone-based delivery or service provider, companies need a proper system for drone-based delivery management. Foycom Drone management system for drone delivery/service management can fulfill all needs related to drone-delivery service, management, and more.
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Foycom DMS helps

  • Drone-based delivery management

    • A complete pack for delivery management like Set Desired Period, Date of Flight, stating point and delivery point, validation, and approval many more 

  • Fleet management of drone

    • Drone flights scheduling, route planning, consignment details like weight of packages, number of packages, and more

  • UAV/UAS pilot/oprator management

    • It has complete management for drone pilots and operators such as achieved flights, planned flights, the total time for drone flights, and many more.

  • Pre & post, drone-flight Analysis, and testing

    • With help of this, can schedule or perform Pre & Post flights Quality checkpoints for drones, maintain the data, and more.

  • Incident reporting and management

    • During the delivery or after the delivery or service if any incident happened can log into the system and do the needful as per requirement, track & manage incident reports, and more.

  • Maintenance Management

    • It can manage total flight hours, & components details of drones, (battery, sensor, camera, sub-parts, and more) based on that auto-schedule service and/or maintenance can per auto-schedule or perform i.e if drone flight reach 200 hours auto-schedule maintenance.

  • Service request management

    • With limited access customer/B2B partners can book a delivery service, admin/team can verify and validate it. It also manages details of clients, orders, payment, and more.

Final thoughts 

We have already developed a drone-based delivery management ERP with all listed features & functions as above. The good thing is that we are capable to develop customization as per your custom business process. 

If you have any questions or suggestions/feedback or want to arrange a meeting/demonstration call please contact us.

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