Effectively handle
vendors and orders

The smart way to streamline your procurement process

Foycom Purchase Managemen

Foycom's Purchase Management solution is a web-based platform that enables collaboration and communication throughout the purchase life cycle to streamline buying, approvals, and payments.

Ease the Procure Process and Spend Wisely with Reporting

  • Create and configure rules to help you optimize reordering; this allows you to speed up the procurement process and improve your quality management. 

  • With Foycom, buyers can collaborate from any device, at any time, anywhere.

  • Designated group managers can monitor activity and make decisions using visual dashboards without interruption to their workflow.

Manage Orders

Automate procurement process based on Stock availability and monitor RfQs.

Track Incoming Orders and keep track of products in the Inventory


Manage vendor Bills apart from Vendor details and handle communications within the system.

Send RFQ email automatically when product stock is at minimum quantity


Get precise reporting based upon the purchase history.

Analyze & forecast based upon the reporting Dashboard and Plan your Orders accordingly

Manage Product Purchase, Vendors and track Spending

  • Align procurement to the context of the business ecosystem by fine-tuning spend management processes that can be seamlessly integrated into your organization’s existing business systems. 

  • Make the right purchases, with the right suppliers, at the right time, at the right price.

  • You can create products and add variants for each of your products and set up multiple product suppliers and track them all in one place.

Planning to automate your procurement and vendor management?

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