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Case Study of DMS

UAV/UAS Drone Manufacturing Company : MRP

The UAV manufacturing customer is from French/Malagasy companies that have been designing and developing aeronautical solutions for mapping services in Africa (particularly in Madagascar).

Apart from this, they additionally manufacture in-house UAV drones in particular designed for Drug (medicine) Package delivery. They make performant, simple, easy-to-operate drones of VTOL wing type.

  • The company’s major operations include;

  • The company’s major operations include

  • Purchase row materials and Quality control 

  • UAV/UAS, Drone manufacturing  

  • Fleet Maintenance for drones

  • Operational Delivery Services for drug delivery supplies using Drones


Analyzed Challenges

After a couple of discussion meetings, evaluations, and understanding of UAV/UAS, and drone companies’ business process and execution; we successfully develop the Foycom DMS ERP system.

Problems the organization was facing and waiting for best-fit options for the challenges.

  • Manage Multi-Level complicated manufacturing process of the drone with an excessive degree of quality control.

  • Development of Client Portal for delivery/shipment Request technology that displays on the admin side and generates all the necessary flow.

  • Automated planning of drone operation for transport/shipping requests from the Client Portal.

  • Basically, they desired all in one system which can deal with their Manufacturing, Maintenance, Fleet operation, and of course Scheduling and Processing Drone Delivery requests as extra Operations.

Effective Solution that we develop

  • Develops a system that can do Quality check approval of raw materials and auto assigning of Serial Numbers and QR codes for the raw material products before moving them to the Warehouse/Inventory.

  • Simplification of the complex Manufacturing process by implementing Multi-Level BoM Manufacturing.

  • QC/QA of manufactured products, auto assigning a serial number/QR code.

  • Pre-Planning of flight for delivery request with the Flight management

  • Flight/Drone Quality Control with Pre & Post-Flight Quality Check.

  • Efficient Maintenance & Service Process by generating Corrective Maintenance for any damage to Drone post-flight completed.

  • Accurate tracking of every drone activity remotely with Fleet Management.

  • Delivery Request Management by providing limited access to clients to make delivery request and can track the status of their delivery requests.

  • Barcode / QR Code scanning in the Flight management & operations enforces the Standard operating procedures among the Flight handling staff in a well-organized way using ERP on Smart Phone

  • Even we also implement Purchase, CRM, Inventory modules, and more as per requirements.


Delivery Request Portal – Client

Admin can register new customers, customers can access the delivery request portal having restricted/limited access to the system, apart from generating delivery requests, the client can view past delivery history. 

The client creates the delivery request, fills in the required information, and confirms the request. After confirmation, the client can check the real-time delivery status.

QR Code Based Operations:

Using Barcode / QR Code scanning in the Flight management & operations enforces the Standard operating procedures among the Flight handling staff in a well-organized manner using ERP on Smart Phone.

  • Manufacturing Quality Checkpoints – Scan with QR Code

  • Delivery Request – Parcel Receipt – Scan with QR

  • Flight Operation Checklist – Scan with QR


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