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Organize your Work Centers and plan manufacturing operations.

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Foycom Manufacturing Management

An end-to-end cloud software solution for manufacturers that allows them to run their business and increase performance by automating and streamlining critical operations. Whether you need a better way to manage your raw materials, capital assets, or finished goods inventory; you can count on Foycom ERP to make improvements in your operations and increase profitability.

Manage Manufacturing and Maintenance Operations

  • Foycom’s Manufacturing Management software is a single integrated environment that helps your company design the right product, every time.

  • Automate workflows and eliminate time-wasting tasks with an array of best-in-class software for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

  • We put simplicity first in all we do, whether it's our single environment, our user experience, or our pricing model; we're always focused on making your PLM system simple and effective.

Implement Lean Manufacturing. Eliminate waste.
Save time & money.

  • Optimize Manufacturing processes with Foycom Manufacturing & Maintenance. 

  • It allows you to reduce production costs by optimizing all your processes, from planning and production schedules to parts ordering to inventory control.

  • Boost profit by improving productivity and reducing waste.


Handle Manufacturing orders of products along with Barcode for quick stage update.

Enable Repair Orders based on warranty/services.

Reporting Dashboard

Get automatic reporting of activities along with MTBR & MTBF to enhance the maintenance process.

Analyze performance from the dashboard and create your own KPIs for custom reporting.


Trigger Preventive & Corrective Maintenance automatically depending upon KPIs/Control Panel.

Schedule timely maintenance plans and get precise reporting of various entities.

Manufacturing and Maintenance Made Easy

  • The production lifecycle has been simplified to deliver business results, quality, and cost.

  • A shorter queue from the supplier to the customer, visibility of WIP[work in process], and 100% in-house production.

  • Foycom changes the way firms do business by giving them a real-time view across their entire supply chain regardless of geography, size or complexity. 

  • The Reporting Dashboard can be used to trace the status of production and reduce cost/time by managing KPIs: OEE [Overall Equipment Effectiveness], OCA [Other Current Asset], etc. change the way firms do business by giving them a real-time view across their entire supply chain regardless of geography, size or complexity.

Optimze your manufacturing flow and plan projects for the work centers.

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