FoyCom Cloud Files

Allows you to easily sync, share, and collaborate on your files.



Why FoyCom Cloud Files?

Users get quick access to their files, photographs, and documents with FoyCom Cloud Files and can share and work together on them from any location. With complete control over their data and no data leaks to outside parties.

Universal Accessibility

A cutting-edge, user-friendly online interface, desktop clients, and mobile applications. Real-time communication and immediate accessibility to all data from any location and device!

Absolute Security

strong encryption capabilities and a built-in File Access Control system based on rules. Strong password policies, brute-force protection, ransomware protection, and other measures round out the package.

Significant Integration

FTP, Windows Network Drive, SharePoint, NFS, and object storage are all accessible sources of data. Utilizing current IT investments, straightforward integration and configuration reduce costs and increase safety.

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Sync and Share for Business Files

Through web, mobile, and desktop sync apps, Enterprise File Sync and Share provides quick and direct access to data. FoyCom cloud files offer on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment options, as well as high-level encryption and options for external data storage.

Seamless interaction

The main advantage of FoyCom Cloud is that it can increase team productivity while on the go thanks to its simple mobile, web, and desktop user interfaces and its strong integrated document collaboration and communication features.

Lock file

Users can prevent conflicts with coworkers by locking files to stop them from editing the same files simultaneously. Some files must be downloaded in order to be modified, whereas office documents and notes can be altered in real time in the browser.

File exchange

With the help of FoyCom Cloud Files, businesses like hospitals, banks, notaries, and government agencies can send and receive files securely from clients, customers, and other partners.

Find anything in one place

A search glass in the upper-right corner of your FoyCom Cloud window displays search results from all over FoyCom Cloud. More search providers can be installed, and there are over a dozen available to show you Moodle courses, Jira tickets, Github issues, and other content.

Rich work environments

Users can share a collection of manuals with one another thanks to Collectives, which brings knowledge management to the FoyCom Cloud.

Managing Workflow

System administrators can regulate and govern the flow of data between users on or between servers using FoyCom Cloud. Administrators can specifically restrict access to, convert data to a different format, delete or retain it in accordance with business or legal requirements by using rule-based file tagging and responding to these tags as well as other triggers like physical location, user group, file properties, and request type. FoyCom Cloud gives IT control over and security over user data.

FoyCom Cloud Communicator

Email and group planning made simple



Why FoyCom Cloud Communicator?

With the integration of FoyCom Cloud Files, FoyCom Cloud Communicator provides simple web mail, calendaring, and contact management to help your team work more efficiently.

Accessible from anywhere

An effective, contemporary, and simple web interface for teams of any size. More productivity, wherever you are, is made possible by fewer distractions and comprehensive integration with FoyCom Cloud.

Superior protection

Strong encryption capabilities and a built-in File Access Control system based on rules. Strong password policies, brute-force protection, ransomware protection, and other measures round out the package.

In-Depth Integration to App

native integration into Thunderbird, Outlook, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. Utilizing your current IT assets, simple deployment, configuration, and integration minimize costs and reduce risk.

With the top content collaboration platform, teams can now work more productively.

The best tools are required for team productivity. For this reason, FoyCom Cloud offers you a number of options that will maximize coordination and collaboration.

Managing Mailboxes

You may organise your incoming mail by setting up subfolders, managing subscriptions, and marking mail as read. Adapt your mailbox to how you prefer to work.

Managing schedules with Calendar

Did you receive information about your train or flight? Import information into your "personal"* or "travel" customizable folder to keep them secure and arranged.

Control User-Defined Groups

Users can create their own, unique groupings, called Circles, in Contacts. These can be controlled in a number of methods, such as by invitations, an open listing where people can join with or without approval, designated sub-managers, etc

Key Features

FoyCom Cloud integrates Calendar, Contacts, Mail, and other productivity tools to support teams in completing tasks more quickly, easily, and according to your preferences.

FoyCom Cloud Mail

-> Replace large attachments with automatically uploaded files, or combine Calendars and           Contacts in Microsoft Outlook.

-> Several accounts with a unified, intelligent inbox.

-> Recognizing travel plans and integrating.

-> Support for end-to-end encryption

Cloud Calendar

-> Online meeting and work scheduling.

-> Create and exchange various calendars.

-> Embedding outside calendar resources.

->  Booking resources,  Making appointments, and integrating


-> Organize your relationships.

-> Share your team's address books with them. 

-> Contacts are synced between phones and other devices. 

-> Create, join, and control private groups that you may communicate.



Utilizing current user directories and file storage systems, FoyCom Cloud is built to seamlessly integrate with your infrastructure.


With the most recent web security measures and secure login technologies like Brute Force Protection and two-factor authentication, FoyCom Cloud is built from the ground up to be secure.

Control Management

The SMTP and IMAP servers that are currently in use can be used with the FoyCom Cloud to host yourself. As a result, compliance is made easier for you. We will provide you the top-notch logging and monitoring tools for support.

Integrated project management and chat project management

  • Email, calendaring, chat, and other capabilities are all firmly integrated into FoyCom Cloud. Task deadlines are displayed in the Calendar, chat messages can be converted straight into tasks, and files can be linked to a task from the sharing dialogue.

  • FoyCom Cloud seamlessly integrates with both your current infrastructure and the one it offers.

  • A single platform eliminates the need to manage multiple accounts, keep track of where the most recent version of a document is located among the various cloud platforms, or worry about security risks and hidden costs.

FoyCom Cloud Voice

Web conferencing, screen sharing, and online meetings without data leakage.



Why FoyCom Cloud Voice?

Meetings with colleagues, clients, and partners - start a team chat or personal conversation with only one click.

With FoyCom Cloud Voice, keep your conversations private.

Unique security

With integrated screen sharing and SIP integration, FoyCom Voice provides on-premises, private audio/video conferencing and text chat through browser and mobile interfaces.

Ultimate control

Ensure that all legal and business obligations are met. Always keep your data on servers that you own. Nothing, not even metadata, leaks.


Compliance with local, national, and international privacy and security standards is made easier by self-hosting communication. Your current compliance and security procedures apply to FoyCom Voice because it uses tested infrastructure.

Key Benefits

Your team can interact with each other, clients, or partners anytime, anywhere, on any device, due to FoyCom Cloud Voice, that lowers the communication barrier.

Ultimate Security

By ensuring that your data stays on your servers, FoyCom Voice offers better communication security than other team collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack. In comparison to other encrypted communication methods, FoyCom Voice prevents even metadata from leaking. This makes sure that you maintain total control over communications.

Built for privacy

A fully self-hosted, on-premises audio, video, and chat communication service is FoyCom Voice. It has both web and mobile apps and is made to be highly secure while still being simple to use. 

Public, group, and private calls

Calling clients and business partners one-on-one or in a group is simple with Voice. In public rooms on the FoyCom Cloud, users can send a URL to invite outside chat members. Participants can easily exchange messages, links, and notes in the chat, which is open even when a user ends a call.

Sharing within FoyCom Cloud

The Files app allows users to share documents directly into chats, where they are made available to both users and visitors. Project integration makes it possible to integrate chat rooms with documents, schedules, tasks, and other resources for quick access.

Screen sharing & presentation

For presentations, you can let your chat partners see the content of either one window or the entire desktop. Control the sharing of audio, video, and screens with participants. There is a lobby where visitors can wait until the call begins.

A trustworthy platform

FoyCom Voice gets benefit from the The numerous security, encryption, and authentication features of FoyCom Cloud.  Customers may feel secure knowing that their communication and collaboration will remain private thanks to multi-layered encryption, brute force protection, artificial intelligence-based suspicious login detection, password-less login.


Highlights of the FoyCom Cloud Voice

-> 100% open source, entirely on-premise

-> Easy and smooth screen sharing options

-> Easy and handy permission management for Admin person

-> Peer-to-peer audio/video calls that are encrypted

-> Push notification calls and chat on mobile devices

-> Strong platform-to-platform bridging abilities

-> Group and individual calls, and chat

-> Mobile apps for Android and iOS

-> You can call from several devices and join an ongoing chat.

-> Send voicemails, provide location or contact information

-> Bur the background.

-> Give participants both general and unique permissions

-> Quick and easy polls

-> An overview of the most recent shared items is available in the sidebar.

-> Set the time at which chat messages expire.

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