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FoyCom- eCommerce with Wings

Create amazing pages in minutes without having to touch a single line of code. 

And they're mobile-friendly by default! Make your online store as you wish.

One-Stop,  Ready to Use
solution for your eCommerce Store

An integrated eCommerce platform so that users can easily manage inventory and sales information via automatic stock adjustments and sales reporting. 

Dedicated customer portals keep customer data organized, so customers can track orders, get delivery updates, download invoices, and more from a single location.

Advanced Marketing

With our dynamic recommendation engine, you can recommend products to your customers on individual product pages, at the cart, or at checkout. 

  • Dynamic recommendations are based on the current item in a customer's shopping cart and its category.

  • Faster order confirmation with Online payment integration 

  • Streamline your order fulfillment with shipping carrier integrations that let you 

Integrated Inventory Management

Capable of effective product management strategy and improves the time consumed for overall order fulfillment. It reduces the number of papers to be managed efficiently. Hence, always be updated with the current inventory records. Efficiently manage all the aspects of your inventory that includes products, space calculations, order fulfillment, and employee.  

Manage Products

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Order Fulfillment

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Paperless Processes

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Use of Barcode & RFID

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