How Foycom DMS ERP is helpful for Surveys & land inspections service
Let’s taking-off with Foycom DMS for a survey and Land inspections

Foycom DMS especially for drone services such as aerial surveying, land inspections, involves managing complete data from flying an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) (formally known Drone) over a specific area to acquire survey and geospatial data.

Foycom DMS will help and manage establish ground control points (GCPs) throughout the survey area.

Using industry-specific drones management foycom DMS will apply automated flight control techniques to fly survey areas in a grid pattern, even you can manage Photogrammetry, geomatics surveyors' details.

What Foycom DMS can do for Drone Surveys & land inspections services:

  • Manage complete details of drone Topographic surveys by contours, text, and symbols delivered in industry-standard platforms such as AutoCAD, Microstation, PDF, or text file.

  • Help to create true-to-scale, coordinated images from which direct measurements can be determined.

  • Manage details & history of GIS and CAD outputs and can be easily input to industry-standard GOS packages.

  • 3D CAD and BIM Models - Textured, layered, photorealistic, and intelligent models using UAV aerial mapping technologies can be managed hassle-free.

  • Foycom DMS can bridge and build services details allowing for ease of access and quick survey turnaround times. 

  • Help to manage efficiently and safely survey of roofs that are inaccessible or would require costly fall protection arrangements.

  • Manage data of volumetric calculations & flood mapping.

  • Cloud-based data storage of large areas of use and mobility and more.

Key Benefits

  • More cost-effective than traditional ERP software

  • Rapid technology and deployment 

  • Less time on-site due to rapid data collection

  • Manage survey & other data with mobility 

  • Manage details of drone operator and pilot

  • Reduce manual work and many more. 

Mop-up Notes

We develop Foycom DMS - Drone Management System ERP with generic and universal functions & feature, which is user-friendly, cheap as compared to other ERP, customized as per business process, Integrated operations, Industry Niche and many more.

You can contact us for a free demo trial and for more information simply mail us.

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