FOYCOM DMS - A DGCA compliant Enterprise Platform for Drone companies
In India drone (UAV/UAS) industry without Digital Sky - DGCA is like a body without a soul.

After big production and large-scale uses of UAVs - simply known as Drone, major countries give the proper guidelines for Drone manufacturers, drone-based services, fly areas, and more.

In India UAS Rules, 2021 were published by the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA). They were seen as restrictive by academia, startups, end-users, and other stakeholders since they needed a lot of paperwork required approvals for every drone flight, and only a few "free to fly" green zones. The government has chosen to remove the UAS Rules, 2021, and replace them with the liberalized Digital Sky DGCA Drone Rules, 2021, based on feedback.

Foycom DMS key features that follow Drone DGCA Rules 2021

  • Trust, self-certification and non-intrusive monitoring are the foundations of this system.

  • Designed to usher in a new era of super-normal growth while maintaining a sense of safety and security.

  • Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) as per DGCA guide-line and zone vise-like red, yellow and green. 

  • Import of drones to be regulated by DGFT & Requirement of import clearance from DGCA abolished.

  • Pre & post drone testing entities as per DGCA guidelines.

  • Allocate a unique identification number to your manufactured drone based on generate number with the DGCA platform. 

  • Manage Standard operating procedures (SOP) and training procedure manuals (TPM) as prescribed by DGCA on the digital sky platform.

  • Hassle-free management of Drone-service, Remote Pilot, and more as per DGCA 

Main Key benefits of using the Foycom Drone Management System

  • More cost-effective than traditional ERP software

  • Rapid technology and deployment

  • Less time on-site due to rapid data collection

  • Manage survey & other data with mobility

  • Manage details of drone operator and pilot also helo to reduce manual works

  • Develop custom work/process flow as per your business process & needs

  • It helps to make/manage micro-planning and increase efficiency & quality of work/service. 

  • You can manage details as per government DGCA guidelines, like Remote pilot, UTM policy, Integrated documents, and more.

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How Foycom DMS ERP is helpful for Surveys & land inspections service
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