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Nowadays, society and technology are constantly evolving entities. Before a couple of years ago, most people think that drones will be unmanned aircraft vehicles that can be used by militaries and defense only. But we know that nowadays, drones are a lot more common and accessible to common people, public & private companies for their different uses. So, around the world, many companies jump into the drone Industry. 

For hassle-free business operations proper, DMS - Drone Management System is required. Here we discuss the problems in drone companies and features of the Foycom DMS and how it will be helpful to the drone industry. 

Problems and Challenges 

Here list out the major problems and challenges that are currently faced by major drone companies;

  • Have to manage multi-level complex manufacturing process of the drone with a high level of quality control.

  • Drone manufacturing & Fleet Maintenance system for tracking department vise activity

  • Set up automated planning of drone operation for delivery requests made from clients

  • Need a proper all-in-one kind of ERP for DMS

  • Required one system which can handle their Manufacturing, Maintenance, Fleet operation, CRM, sales, Inventory, Purchase, and of course Scheduling and Processing Drone Delivery requests as additional Operations.

  • Implement custom processes in ERP for user-friendly & easy business processes and more.

Features of the Foycom DMS

After a couple of discussion meetings and understanding of UAV/UAS, and Drone companies’ business process and execution; we successfully develop the Foycom DMS ERP system.

Here, we would like to share major helpful features & functions of the Foycom DMS

  • Develop a system that can do Quality check approval of raw materials and auto assigning of Serial Numbers and QR codes for the raw material products before moving them to the Warehouse.

  • Simplification of the complex Manufacturing process by implementing Multi-Level BoM Manufacturing.

  • QC of manufactured product and furthermore, assigning a serial number/QR code automatically as per requirements.

  • Pre-Planning of flight for delivery request with the Flight management

  • Flight/Drone Quality Control with Pre-Flight Quality Check and Post-Flight Quality Check.

  • Efficient Maintenance Process by generating Corrective Maintenance for any damage to Drone post-flight completed.

  • Accurate tracking of every drone activity remotely with Fleet Management.

  • Delivery Request Management by providing limited access to clients to make delivery request and can track the status of their delivery requests.

  • Barcode / QR Code scanning in the Flight management & operations enforces the Standard operating procedures among the Flight handling staff in a well-organized way using ERP on Smart Phone

  • Can implement Sales, Purchase, CRM, Inventory, and more as per requirements

Final thoughts

We develop generic and universal DMS - Drone Management System ERP, which is user-friendly, cheap as compared to other ERP, customized as per business process, and many more.

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