Foycom as Agriculture ERP system
That help to make creativity, clarity, happiness with Agriculture business

In today's digital environment, there is no area or industry that is not undergoing digital transformation. But, do you believe that digitally modernizing your firm would solve all of your problems? Isn't that correct? Of course, you'll be on the lookout for a superior technology solution to solve all of your problems. However, there are only a few advanced technological options available that can meet all of the needs of the agriculture sector on a single platform. I'll be your tour guide for a fast tour of one such software that caters to every farm's Agri MIS demands.

Wouldn't it surprise you to learn that you can now get complete MIS for all farming activities such as plantation, harvesting, and production, complete with a scheduler that tells you what, when, and how much plants, seeds, and water are necessary for each farming plot?

Foycom Agri ERP system for ecommerce is a single-point software platform that allows you to manage all aspects of agricultural management for any number of farms you own. 

Features That Give You Huge Success In The Agriculture Business

Schedule Your Routine Farm Inputs

This will allow you to create an agenda for activities consumption, farm enters you want for more than one matter like fertilizer, water, and more activity. So that you do not miss regular intervals of required important farm inputs which really matters in good production.

Planning Plantation, Record Harvesting, and Inward genuine Production in Inventory

You can create plantation season, planing crop plantation for unique plantation season, Record harvested vegetation from one-of-a-kind farms for precise plantation season, and Inward genuine production performed in Farm Warehouse.

Recording Farm Consumptions, Labour Expenses, Service Charge, and More

You can maintain a report of distinctive Farm Item Consumptions, Labour Expenses, Service Charges, and so on to get a clear Cost of Revenue. This will additionally create a WIP Amount which will get auto deducted through recording Production in opposition to this exceptional fee which will provide you better thinking of when you arrive at the break-even point.

Planning To Implement Foycom Agri ERP To Manage Your Agricultural Activities? 

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